About Us

EIDAP Inc. is built on the assumption that the management of identification technology for business and agriculture is like legal advice, accounting, and other bodies of knowledge, in that it is not inherently a do-it-yourself project. Smart people need to use quality vendors as they use other professional service suppliers: as trusted allies. EIDAP Inc. seeks to fulfill these needs and become a leader in Radio Frequency Identification Technology in the 21st century in all of its market areas and segments.

EIDAP Inc. provides both Identification products and Software products and services to make them useful to all clientele in the various market segments. We are especially focused on providing personal services that respond to the immediate needs of our customers. Our services includes the provision of RFID products for the Companion Animal Industry, the Livestock Industry and the design and installation of Security Patrol Monitoring for both Industry and Security firms that require our equipment.