"I wish to thank you and EIDAP for the very valuable service you provide.  You are doing good work.

Merlin, our yellow lab, escaped our yard a month or so ago due to the garage door not working properly.  Without a collar, he was back with us in a matter of hours due to your service and a considerate and honest citizen who took him to the local vet.  This did not even cost us the fee that the city bylaw services would have charged.  In effect, Merlin's chip paid for itself and saved us great deal of anxiety at the same time.  Thank you for giving us a happy ending!  Yours thankfully, Roger, Calgary, Alberta"


Special thank you to EIDAP for promptly updating our "fur baby's" ID & ensuring everything was updated correctly. This is such a great & important service for our 4-legged family members. Thank you!! ~ JG


We appreciate everything that everyone associated to the rescuing of stray animals has done for us. You truly are an amazing group of people. Keep up the great work. ~ SL


A real life person! Thank you for not only fixing the problem but being kind enough to relieve my worries!!! ~ C


Thank you!  You have been extremely helpful and have gone above and beyond in your efforts to assist me. I appreciate you :)  When I went to the website, I was a tad intimidated because your company looks so big, professional, and l assumed impersonal. HOWEVER, I was very wrong. You answered my e-mail so quickly and followed through with your promises. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My dog and I thank you. God willing we'll never need to use her microchip... ~ CM & G (a happy Border Collie!)


WOW! Very impressive getting the [address] changes done so fast. Thank you very much - I'll certainly recommend your company's services to my fellow dog owners. ~ K


Last night we had a little stray dog come in to us, and lo and behold she actually had a microchip! After a few dead ends, we finally tried your website and found she was registered through you. Within 24 hours the little dog was back home with her owners. I believe it should always be that easy to get a lost pet back home, and if I can help convince more people to microchip their pet, all the better. Thank you so much for everything! ~ J, vet clinic, Edmonton Alberta


You've been a great help to me with the microchips, tracking down our lost girl in North Vancouver; I fully back your company!!! ~ SS


Thank you!!  I’ve never had a microchip company respond this quickly.  I appreciate it very much! ~ DR, AllPetTravel