EID-ID 100: Implantable Transponder

ID100 2

For use in zoo animals, or by research facilities.

  • Designed especially for animal identification
  • Bio-compatible glass encapsulation
  • Pre-sterilised, and ready-to-use
  • Individually packaged in a disposable needle
  • Small size is suitable for use in even the smallest species
  • Endorsed by the Captive Breeding Specialist Group (C.B.S.G.) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • Used in over 300 zoos worldwide
  • Used by over 80 government agencies in 20 countries
  • Packaged with six barcode stickers
  • Dimensions: 2.2 x 11.5 mm (0.09 x 0.45 in.)
  • Operating frequency: 128 kHz



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