EID-LID 560: HandHeld Reader


Perfect for use in veterinary clinics, and by rescue groups and breeders.

  • The LID560 Reader is ideal for checking microchips before and after implantation in companion animals. This reader scans for several different frequencies and does not support any kind of communication features.
  • Back-lit LCD display
  • Small enough to carry in your pocket, and has a detachable pocket clip.
  • Dimensions: 12.5 X 7.0 X 2.5 cm, and weighs 155 grams.
  • The LID560 is activated by pressing the red push button. This starts the reader and the last microchip number read is displayed on the LCD display for 20 seconds.
  • Two read modes:
    • Auto-Read: When the button is pressed again for less that two seconds, the reader beeps and starts scanning for a new microchip autically. As soon as a microchip is within reading distance, a beep will sound and a number will be displayed. If no microchip is found after 10 seconds, three beeps will sound and the reader will turn off.
    • Continuous-Read: If the button is held down continuously, the reader will scan until a microchip is found or until the button is no longer held down.
  • If a microchip is not in range of the reader during the scanning period, the message “No Code” is displayed after the scanning has stopped.
  • Microchip codes are shown on the 2 x 16 character display.
  • Low Battery Warning: If the battery voltage (Standard 9V Alkaline) drops below 7 Volts, the message ‘low battery’ is shown on the display (reading is still possible).
  • This reader is programmed to read all implantable transponders used in companion animals in North America.
    • 134.2 kHx: ISO FDX-B (EIDAP, PetHealth, M4S, Petidco/AVID)
    • 125 kHz: Petidco/AVID (Fecava), M4S, Home Again USA (Digital Angel/Destron)
    • 128 kHz: Trovan Unique (American Kennel Club, zoo animals)

The LID560 has been approved by the NCAC for use with companion animals.

LID560 FrontLID560 Reading