EID-LID 575: Handheld Reader

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Great for scanning both companion animals and livestock!

  • The LID 575 has the largest reading distance and detection area of the readers in the LID5xx series. This reader scans for several different frequencies, stores the microchip numbers, and can communicate with a computer via USB connection (standard) or via Bluetooth connection (on request).
  • Weighs 300 grams, including the 4 X 1.5V AA batteries, and can provide a continuous reading of more than 3 hours.
  • This reader is activated by pressing the red button. This starts the reader and the last microchip number read is displayed on the LCD display. If a microchip is not in range of the reader during the scanning period, the message "No Code" is displayed.
  • The LID 575 can store approximately 5000 microchip codes (without a date/time stamp)
  • This reader is programmed to read the following microchips:
    • 134.2 kHz: ISO FDX-B (EIDAP, CKC, AKC, PetHealth, M4S, AVID), ISO HDX (Half-duplex) used in livestock.
    • 125 kHz: AVID (Fecava), AVID USA (encrypted), M4S, Home Again USA (Digital Angel, Destron)
    • 128 kHz: Trovan Unique (American Kennel Club, zoo animals)




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