ProScan 700: RFID Reader

Proscan 700 Dog

Extremely useful for scanning companion animals in veterinary clinics, humane societies, shelters, and municipalities.

  • Has the largest reading distance and detection area of the readers in this series. This reader scans for several different frequencies, stores the microchip numbers, and can communicate with a computer via USB connection.
  • Weighs 300 grams, including the 4 X 1.5V AA batteries, and can provide a continuous reading of more than 3 hours.
  • This reader is activated by pressing the yellow button. This starts the reader and the last microchip number read is displayed on the LCD display. If a microchip is not in range during the scanning periond, the message "No Code" is displayed.
  • The ProScan 700 can store approximately 5000 microchip codes (without date/time stamp)
  • This reader is programmed to read the following microchips used in animals in North America:
    • 134.2 kHz: ISO FDX-B (EIDAP, CKC, AKC, PetHealth, M4S, AVID)
    • 125 kHz: AVID (Fecava), AVID USA (encrypted), M4S, Home Again USA (Digital Angel, Destron)
    • 128 kHz: Trovan Unique (American Kennel Club, zoo animals)