Workabout Pro 3

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Created for the mobile worker, this reader is ideal for employees across a range of industries, including mobile field services, logistics, warehousing, transportation, manufacturing, and more!

  • The Workabout Pro 3's impressive flexibility enables you to supply one device to meet many requirements; it is built to be a key member of your IT infrastructure.
  • The leading product in its category, the Workabout Pro 3 allows you to get exactly the device that you need. Additionally, you have the opportunity to get the add-ons you need today, and the ability to add more features at any point, as business needs change.
  • The number of add-ons and software applications you can attach is endless, so whether it is a camera for a traffic officer, or a GPS module used to track and trace delivery locations - there is a solution for every application.

For full technical information, refer to this spec sheet.

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