Microchip Lookup

Microchip Lookup

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Please remove all dashes, dots, and/or space and use the following identification numbers for sample lookup purposes:

ISO Number: 968000000069060
Non ISO Number: 000134E9F8
Tag Number: 1234567

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More information is available by contacting EIDAPs help line directly at 1-888-346-8899 or if you are a Pet Professional you can log in to view more details on the file. For non-urgent questions please email us at info@eidap.com.

If you are unable to find the microchip on our website, you can also try the following websites.

Trovan Search: www.trovansearch.com

AAHA Search: www.petmicrochiplookup.org

Please note that any information on the EIDAP Registry is strictly the property of the Animal Owner and may not be used by any third party for any use except as approved by the Animal Owner.

Owner information may be accessed only for the purpose of reuniting an owner and their pet. No other information provided in this registry may be copied, edited, reproduced, duplicated, or distributed to any third party in any format under any circumstances.