About us


A Brief History

  • Technology leader in the field of RFID since 1989.
  • Over 25-year track record of service and reliability.
  • On-going product R&D program.
  • Comprehensive technology and patent portfolio, including key industry patents.
  • Broad palette of products.
  • Products in over 60 nations and on seven continents.
  • Tens of millions of assets identified with TROVAN transponders.
  • Customers include major corporations and government agencies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

First in the World!

  • To introduce a commercially usable LF RFID system.
  • To introduce laser sealed glass encapsulation in transponder production.
  • To introduce biocompatible glass for transponders used in animal applications.
  • To develop and use direct bonding technology in transponder manufacturing.
  • To develop and use high speed antenna coil winding in automatic transponder manufacturing
  • To develop and use fully automated assembly of miniature RFID transponders.