Pet Owner

Why Microchip?

Ask your Veterinarian about Microchipping your pet today

3 Steps to Successfully Protect Your Pet:

Step One: Microchip your Pet

Sadly, 1 in 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime. Wearing a collar tag is not enough as it can get damaged or fall off. An implantable microchip provides a permanent, tamper proof means of identification. Pets with microchips are up to 20 times more likely to be reunited with their owners.

Step Two: Register your Pet

Microchips do not need to be activated but they must be registered. A microchip is not a GPS or tracking device and it does not store any personal information about the animal or pet parent. A microchip simply transmits a unique 15-digit number through RFID or Radio Frequency Identification, when scanned by a microchip scanner or reader.

Step Three: Wear the collar tag

The collar tag is a small, round, metal tag provided by EIDAP. This tag has EIDAP’s contact information, and a unique number on it that we link to the microchip registration. We recommend that your pet wear their collar tag even if they are microchipped because the tag offers a second piece of identification that will assist in getting your pet home faster.